Going on Vacation? What FBCMUD 24 Residents Need to Know:

Posted: June 07, 2021  |  2 min read

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For residents planning to be out of town, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office offers a Vacation/House Watch service. This service is available upon request for citizens residing in Fort Bend County, which includes the Fort Bend County MUD 24, (FBCMUD 24) District boundaries.

To request a Vacation/House Watch, click here and complete the online form.

Additionally, some standard safety tips may help deter criminal activity on the home front while you are traveling.

Safety Tips for FBCMUD 24 Residents:

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are locked prior to your departure
  • Place vehicles inside the garage and lock the sliding lock to the garage door if available
  • If vehicles must be left outside, remove valuables from plain sight and lock doors/set alarm
  • Install motion sensor lights and/or motion activated cameras to capture activity at the front door, driveway, and street in front of your home
  • Schedule a friend to regularly pickup newspapers and packages from the doorstep
  • Install timers on indoor/outdoor lights to turn on and off at intervals
  • Leave a radio or television playing inside the home

By taking a few preventative steps prior to travel, you can lessen the likelihood that your home will be disturbed while you are away.

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